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For many services we refer to "unlimited". The term "unlimited" is correct but is subject to a fair use policy to ensure fairness to all our customer. Details of this policy can be found in our Hosting and Domain Registration Terms and Conditions.

You can find explanations and guidance regarding hosting matters on "Active Content" here.

If you want to talk about hosting options then ring or click here.

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Hosting is annually renewable and these charges include VAT at the current UK rate of 20%. Please note that in the event of the exchequer announcing a large variation of VAT we reserve the right to decrease or increase these inclusive prices accordingly.




Home Package: £45.00 (inc VAT of £7.50) (top)

Don't forget to check our terms and conditions at Legal/Web.php

If you want us to contact you to talk through the Home Package or explain more then ring us or click here.

Basic SSL Certificate for Home Package: £60.00 (inc VAT of £10.00)



Dedicated Servers (top)

We offer a range of dedicated server solutions. In the next few weeks we will post more details of the options we can offer. In the meantime if you are interested in dedicated server hosting then ring us or click here.



Custom Web Services (top)

We can offer a range of web related services and are also specialists in the remote delivery of applications. We currently manage the delivery of specialist remote applications to the desktops of 2,500 workers in the public and charitable sectors spread accross most of England and Wales. We will be posting more details of what we can deliver on your behalf in the next few weeks. In the meantime if you are interested in dedicated server hosting then ring us or click here.


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