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Gloucester GL1 5NE UK

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Keep It Really Local

Have a really local e-mail address. Fancy a Tuffley Crescent e-mail address you can access anywhere in the world?

If so you can choose from:-

As a SPECIAL OFFER we’ll give you one month free to try it. After that you can stop at no cost to yourself, continue with the standard e-mail account which offers 20MB of space at just £5.00 a year or go for an advanced account with a whacking 1GB of space for £16.00 per year; that’s just under 31 pence a week!! You can upgrade to an advanced account at any time just by paying the balance. You can also access your account using something like Outlook Express on your PC.

To find out more use our contact form here, to request an account click here.. Alternatively you can ring us, stop me if I happen to be passing you in the street or just come and ring the doorbell!!! Don't forget to look at our terms and conditions of service using the Legal Stuff Link especially the bit about e-mail here.

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