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Help For: Customer Resource Area Parent Page

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See Also:- Profile and Passwords, Invoices, Other Resources, Statements

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You will  notice that there is no visible link to your Customer Resource Area on our website, we do this to reduce hacking attacks. So you either have to type or copy and paste Account Name into  the address bar of your browser, substituting your own account name where it says Your Account Name eg:

How to fill in the URL for the Customer Resource Area

NOTE, the address you enter is case sensitive. You also need to make sure you put the spaces in the proper place. If you are uncertain of what your account name is,  you can find your account name from an old invoice (more details on how to do this can be found here) if you don’t have an old invoice then you can use our contact page: and ask us.

Once you have logged in you will see something similar to this:-

Help Customer Rescource Area Parent folder

You will see 3 folders listed clicking on them will take you to that folder. Note that while you are logged in all HTML links are in red not green. Briefly:-

  • Invoices – all of your invoices are in here. When a new one is uploaded you will be notified.
  • Other Resources – in here will be a mix of files and documents we make available to you. These could be custom guidance PDFs, program fixes, special tools or scripts.
  • Statements – Any statements generated for you will be here.

All of the links have “Dynamic Tips” if you hover over them with the mouse (for more details see the help introduction here).

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