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Help For: Customer Resource Invoices Folder

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This is likely to be the folder you access most often:-

Help for Customer Resorce Area - Invoices Folder

Invoices are arranged with the most recent one at the top.

From here you can (starting from the top left):-

  • Log out of the system.
  • Go to the help system for the Customer Resource area.
  • Click on the button to go up one level to the parent folder.
  • Click on the button to order an invoice.
  • Click on the button to make a comment about the invoices folder or draw our attention to a problem or bug.
  • Click on the name to open the invoice in your browser. Alternatively right click on the name and save the PDF locally.
  • The last three facilities are dealt with in more depth below.

Changing the Invoice Status:-

When these features were rolled out, to help you, we pre-marked all the current invoice records as either paid or unpaid. To change the status just click on the button. If the invoice is showing as unpaid clicking on the button marked  “Change to Paid” then it will show as paid and vice versa.

You should note that the record of whether you have paid an invoice is your own personal record. When you pay an invoice from now on you will need to mark your Resource Account record  as being paid, if  you want to keep the on-line record up to date.

Adding Notes:-

You can add notes to your on line account for each invoice. This just changes your invoice record is does not get added to the Invoice PDF. You can add notes or edit existing ones by clicking the button marked “Add Notes”. This will open an edit window for you. If you already have notes then they will be offered for you to edit, if not the default text will appear as shown:-

Help for Customer Resorce Area - Adding notes to Invoices

Once you have completed the changes you want to make, click on “Add these notes” to save the record.

NOTE: these notes are purely personal notes for your convenience. If you add a note we are not notified, in other words if there is something you want to tell us about the invoice you need to contact us.

Viewing Notes:-

To view the notes for a particular invoice just hold your cursor over the little pencil image on the same line as that invoice; observe that when you hover over an invoice record the whole line turns yellow as a visual cue as to where you are:-

Help for Customer Resource area - Viewing invoices notes


All of the links have “Dynamic Tips” if you hover over them with the mouse (for more details see the help introduction here).

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