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Help For: Customer Resource Other Resources Folder

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This folder is used to store statements we produce for you:-

Help for Customer Resorce Area - Statements Folder

Statements are listed in descending date order and the name of the PDF is in the form yy-mm-dd. We do not generate statements as standard unless a customer has a number of invoices or credit payments. You can however request a statement.

From here you can (starting from the top left):-

  • Log out of the system.
  • Go to the help system for the Customer Resource area.
  • Click on the button to go up one level to the parent folder.
  • Click on the button to order an invoice.
  • Click on the button to make a comment about the invoices folder or draw our attention to a problem or bug.
  • Click on the name to open the statement in your browser. Alternatively right click on the name and save the PDF locally.

All of the links have “Dynamic Tips” if you hover over them with the mouse (for more details see the help introduction here).

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