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Help For: Invoices

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See Also: Help files for Customer Resource Area, Our Terms and Conditions.

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You invoices are now made available to you in PDF format by download, until late 2009 they were e-mailed. We changed to the new method as we found that a considerable number of e-mails with the PDF attachments were ending up in spam folders. Every time a new invoice is added to your Customer area, you will be notified.

The account name we use for linking your PDFs is the line that appears on your invoice, in this case it would be “Example Company Ltd”:-

How to see which name we use for your account

The invoice will always show our VAT number, the Tax Date for VAT purposes, the invoice number of course and if you provide it a purchase order number. If the services are renewable ones the invoice will also tell you when the service started and which period the invoice relates to:-

There will always be a brief outline of our terms and payment options. Our full terms are available at

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