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  • People who want a simple guidance on which operating system (OS)  to choose for hosting

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  • People needing detailed technical information

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People often ask us whether they should choose Linux or Windows for their hosting OS. The answer is it depends …

Well of course it does but on what?

Well you need to know what sort of site you are developing.  Is it a site using just HTML or will require sever side support? If you have no idea what the second option is then it is likely that you should opt for the first:-

Just HTML – then it does not really matter which OS you choose. We tend to favour Linux but if we are honest there isn’t really a good technical reason for this. There is however one difference between the two: Linux is case sensitive and Windows is not. So and take you to the same location on a Windows server but not a Linux one.

Server Side Support – this will be explained in another “How Does:” article but the simple choice is that if you intend to use ASP then choose Windows but if you want to use PHP then go for Linux.

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