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Over the past few days ­­I have been in the Southcot Services office for my work experience. It can be daunting being placed in an unfamiliar environment. But that soon vanished. Throughout the week I have had master classes, as the Australian master chief puts it, about different topics ranging from how the web works to how to design content for it. Learning about css, php and in detail how computers find each other (well how they ask for directions) in the wilderness we call the internet.

As for the work itself it has been a variety of different odds and ends, answering the phone, helping to organise different things including the outlook contact list and various spreadsheets, and the all important making cups of coffee. Wednesday’s work involved restoring laptops to their factory settings, and the master class of the day was what to do with the laptops that didn’t work (hit the hard drive with a hammer of course.)

One of the main pieces of information I can take away from this is that office jobs are only as boring as the people who work in the office, with Charlie and Cliff in the same room (Or a ferret who enjoys running around) that’s never an issue.

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